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Hi my names Travis, I'm a young hard working individual with a strong passion for technology. I'm well skilled in the Web Development area with an underlying understanding of HTML5, CSS3 and more. I'm also good with DevOps and have an interest in game technologies (of which I'm currently studying at college).


I personally spend a lot of time learning new IT skills as I enjoy it. I'm currently learning VueJS and how rest API's work.


I'm personally a huge fan of music, I listen to a wide range of genres but mostly listen to drum & bass.

Web Development

I have a strong interest in both frontend and backend Web Development, I personally like working with Wordpress and Laravel.

Game Technologies

For many years now I've had a big interest in game technologies and how they work, this is something I'm currently studying in college.


I have a small but growing understanding of DevOps, as it stands I can more or less do the basics (i.e operate servers, control databases etc).


Programming is something I've been interested in for many years but only in the past 3 years have I really made any effort to learn, currently I know the basics of C# and object oriented programming in general.


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